Scientifically Formulated:

BBT formulas are specially designed for muscle memory.  These are scientifically created drills for superior learning at high speed rate, thereby helping build muscle memory. Students learn the ability to react with the economy of energy and motion with the least amount of effort possible. 

These teaching formulas will enable the students to learn much faster than the kind of learning in a standard classroom setting.  And, the same can teach hundreds of students at a time all at a high rate of learning.

Instant Gratification:

Techniques that work NOW.  These drills and training techniques are designed to work instantly in combat.  Meaning, what the students do in practice is what they do in combat. These are the techniques that will save their lives and that of others NOW not later.


No-flash-no-nonsense blade-work designed to quickly and efficiently take out adversaries, save lives and fight off knife attacks.  Everything is based on one-for-one motion. If-I-throw-a-slash-he-can-throw-a-slash-as-well concept.  The opponents may be just as fast as the students.

BBT Blade Training is imbedded with precision and accuracy.

Knowing the body anatomy is key. During these drills, students call out and train Techniques Using vital targets of the body over and over with the motions until it becomes second nature. Students know the weak parts of the body so they can capitalize on efficiency.



Deployment – The advanced deployment techniques are specifically designed for one beat motion.  The students are taught to draw batons quickly and efficiently with full extension instantly at correct position.

  • Aggressive and non-aggressive postures

Knowing how to look on film, if filmed (which is usual), by not looking like the aggressor with batons raised up high.  BBT postures are designed to look non-aggressive and appear like students are defending themselves yet in reality, learning safe and effective techniques to take out opponents.

Red Yellow Green Zones

  • Lethal and Non-Lethal
  • Understanding the zones and knowing the laws.

Grappling  The advanced Baton – Stick grappling techniques teach students to easily learn lethal or non-lethal, close quarter combat Baton-Stick work. BBT techniques teach pain compliance which is very effective for controlling aggressive opponents without striking (non-lethal).  Techniques that teach how to neutralize opponents without landing a single baton blow through specific entries, blocking and locking.  Very Important – no paper work.  Hitting someone with a baton needs no skill, controlling threats without a single blow does.

Telegraphing – Techniques are taught to fight using non-telegraphing motions when striking, controlling and blocking. Speed = Power = Distance